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Coca-Cola Turns Content Into Value, And You Can Too

Coca-Cola is a brand that almost everyone in the world is familiar with. Their global reach is unparalleled, and they’re looked at as more than just a soft drink provider. Since its founding in 1892, Coke has built a brand that has strong associations and enormous value.

One of the reasons Coca-Cola has been so successful is because of their content strategy. Coke appeals to a wide array of people with diverse backgrounds. However, they still manage to create content that is enjoyed by all of their loyal customers.

coca cola, cola, content, content marketing, marketingCoke’s recent content updates are centered around the Olympics. They use a series of short videos, often only 10-20 seconds in length, to promote the Olympics with a Coca-Cola twist. For example, Coke created a take on curling that involved sliding a Coke into a cup of ice. This video is short and to the point, but it’s also entertaining. The Coke curling video is only 10 seconds in length yet it has received 18,129 likes and has been shared 2,578 times.

It may be difficult to compare a small business to a historic and global brand like Coke. However, their content strategy is applicable to many businesses across all industries. Below is a list of takeaways related to Coke’s content strategy that all businesses, big or small, can take into consideration.

Give Your Customers What They Want, Where They Want It

Every company differs when it comes to what types of content they produce. Some companies create awesome blogs on their company website, while others prefer to create fun and informative videos on social networks. Regardless of what you’re used to, try something different and see how your audience responds. Post unique pieces of content on several different outlets and see what receives the best response. When it comes to content marketing, knowing how and where to deliver your content is half the battle.

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