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Retargeting Banner Ads: Are You Bringing Back the Right Visitors?


Every website will see a percentage of its visitor traffic leave the site without converting; just like in physical retail, browsers, research-gatherers, and other looky-loos will be shy to commit right away. That’s why digital marketers invest in retargeting banner ads – serving customized information to visitors who didn’t convert on their first visit are great for redirecting a qualified lead back to the site to convert. If you’re using retargeting ads, but aren’t seeing the results you expected, you might need to alter your strategy. Here are some of our favorite retargeting fixes:

1.  Serve ads based on actions, not just demographics: You know exactly who makes up your target audience, but those demographics shouldn’t be the only factors that influence your retargeting decisions. Serve ads based upon actions the visitor took. Did they visit a certain product page on your site? Serve them ads that highlight that product. Did they abandon a shopping cart without completing the purchase? Remind them of their items in an ad. Retargeting ads work best when they align with the visitor’s motivations, not their attributes.

2.  Consider your buying seasons when creating a retargeting campaign: Timing is everything in marketing. It is important to serve ads to visitors that failed to convert on their first visits; however, if you bombard them too often with ads, you could alienate them, causing them to mute your ads or shun your company. Therefore, it is important to think strategically about the frequency and timing of your ads. Match them up to where they are in the buying cycle of your product. For example, a shoe company can run a retargeting ad that features a winter boot successfully in the colder months, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to continue running that ad in July – no one is even thinking about wearing or buying snow boots in the winter.

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