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More Than Just Luck: How the Four Leaf Clover Can Teach You About Inbound Marketing

for-0317-2St. Patrick’s Day means a lot of things to different people. A religious holiday, a celebration of an ethnicity’s history in America, or a reason to party, there are many reasons to love March 17. We would like to add one more: St. Patrick’s Day is a great chance to review how B2B companies can successfully close the customer loop with inbound marketing.

Just like St. Patrick used the clover to teach about Catholicism, we use the four leaf clover to demonstrate what HubSpot calls the “Four Marketing Actions”. Complete these actions well, and you won’t even need the four leaf clover’s luck!

Leaf 1: Attract

Driving qualified traffic (the types of people who are most likely to buy your product or subscribe to your service) to your brand’s digital properties is an essential component to digital marketing. Smart marketers know exactly what these types encompass; they create buyer personas or buyer profiles that include goals, challenges, and typical problems to which the brand’s offering is a solution, as well as general demographics that describe the ideal buyer. For B2Bs, this information includes job title and description, goals for that position, challenges that individuals face when trying to accomplish this goal, and reasons why that individual might turn to the brand as a solution.

Knowing what an ideal buyer needs – and needs to know – makes it much easier to build enticing attractions that will guide them to your brand. What are those attractions? Content. Blogs, social media accounts, landing pages, and optimized web pages are all great content pieces that will attract that qualified traffic.

Leaf 2: Convert

Most B2Bs have a longer sales cycle. While expecting a first-time online visitor to make a purchase is a little unrealistic, you do want to make an initial interaction that you can follow up to move them closer to a purchase. Creating opportunities to collect visitors’ contact information – converting that traffic into leads – is crucial to facilitating this process. Usually, conversion is a give-and-take process; offering a visitor an exclusive gift, such as a promotion, or extensive content piece in exchange for their contact information is the best way to organically establish the initial conversion. How do you create these exchanges? Create compelling calls-to-action, contact forms, and email contact are all useful to converting.

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