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Content Marketing 101: Use Relevant Content to Foster Customer Relationships

122422267Content marketing is continuing to become an integral part of any marketer’s portfolio. A recent Slideshare presentation created by Marketo informs us that 70% of executives rely more on content now than they did a year ago, and yet 90% still feel overwhelmed by the amount of content available today. It’s certainly not a stretch to think that consumers, the target of all of this content, feel the same way–and it’s your job to make your message heard above the rest.

The key to creating a successful content marketing campaign is relevancy. Consumers are now exposed to so much content from countless sources that they tend to tune out the white noise–that is, content that they find neither valuable nor useful. As a marketer your goal is to capture the consumer’s attention by making your message relevant. Here are a few ways in which you can tailor your content to your unique customers, as well as success stories from some big content gurus.

Be Thoughtful

Red Bull is a pioneer in creating content that their consumers find valuable. Their website is a portal to a world of exhilarating extreme sports news and videos–entirely appropriate for their audience of energy drink consumers. Never create content just for the sake of creating content; while it is important, it is ever only as successful as the amount of customer action it generates on the other end. Red Bull found a domain of content that their target customers truly appreciate. Take a page out of their book and research what your customers value and how they spend their time.

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