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Brand Development: Build and Re-Energize Your Brand Today

141733451Developing a brand can’t be done overnight. Many popular brands have rich histories that have contributed to how they are perceived today. However, longevity isn’t the only factor that contributes to a strong brand identity. In addition to established histories, strong brands usually provide superior products or services as well.

Brand development also extends far beyond recognizable and popular brands. Of course, everyone knows the golden arches and what they stand for. But the local coffee shop down the street can also use its brand to evoke desirable associations and attract customers.

With the current state of advertising and a little help from the internet, brands have endless ways and places to establish themselves. This is great for brand recognition, but too many outlets can become confusing, especially if the brand message across platforms is detached and contradictory.

Below are some simple rules to help you create and maintain a unified brand message:

Perform a Brand Audit:

A brand audit is essential before any decisions are made about your branding strategy. Brand audits allow companies to look at internal factors such as brand values, culture and positioning as well as external factors like logos, advertising and PR/social media. It’s important for a company to define themselves while also understanding how consumers view them. Depending on your goals, a brand audit can be brief or extremely in depth. If you need more advice on how to perform a brand audit, look at some of these in-depth tips.

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