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Search Engine Marketing: Why Adjectives Matter

467427339From an early age, we are taught the blessing and the curse that is the adjective. It is a common and necessary part of our vocabulary, and most of us don’t even realize when we fall into adjective trends (such as calling everything you like “fantastic.” I mean, is it really?) What is truly incredible is how we relate to different adjectives. They erode a certain feeling, a unique story. This is why, in the world of pay per click advertising, an adjective can be essential for a business’s success story.

When someone is searching for your restaurant, for example, how do you want them to describe it? If it is a bar, do you want them to see it as elegant, relaxed, or trendy? These are things to seriously consider when committing to paid searches on Google through Google Adwords.

A San Francisco restaurant called First Crush was able to increase their website traffic by 400% using Google AdWords. The way Google helped them do this was by defining their brand so the Google sidebar ads pop up in specific searches. Your brand can’t just be a name; it needs to be an identity, and knowing the proper way to describe your story is a big factor in making yourself relatable and popular.

It is important to use common adjectives, but target a specific demographic.You want to create a story for the target audience, so decide what type of aesthetic you’re going for.  A great way to design your story is using Google Analytics. Google Analytics will help you better understand your audience through research and statistics, and will assist in your approach to marketing, including what target words to use.

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