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iBeacons Could Be The Next Big Thing

for-0331About a year ago Apple introduced their new iOS 7 update. In classic Apple fashion, they held a keynote speech to tell their loyal customers about all the bells and whistles associated with the new operating system. However, there was one capability that Apple didn’t make a fuss about, the iBeacon capability.

Just because Apple isn’t talking about it, doesn’t mean other people aren’t. iBeacons have caught the attention of technology junkies and retailers alike. Some people even think it could revolutionize the in-store shopping experience.

By now everyone knows how prevalent mobile is in our day to day lives. iBeacons are designed to capitalize on mobile technology and usage. In simple terms, iBeacons are small pieces of hardware that recognize when your mobile device has entered a certain region or range. It does this by using Bluetooth low energy which can send a notification to your mobile device once you enter the specified range.

For retailers, the benefits are obvious. If implemented correctly, iBeacons can greatly improve the shopping experience. iBeacons can attract potential customers who might be close by and they can collect huge quantities of data that weren’t previously available. For example, iBeacons could tell retailers what parts of the store receive the most and least amount of traffic.

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