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What’s the Biggest Email Marketing Mistake You Can Make?

AA000744Marketers have a lot going on. From strategy and planning to execution and reporting, there is always an abundance of tasks on a marketer’s to-do list. It can be natural to want to lighten the workload by taking some shortcuts, and in some marketing channels, that’s totally possible and efficient. However, email marketing is not one of these; it’s hard work to build a list, conceptualize a campaign, design an email, write the copy, and send a campaign, and the temptation is high to cut some corners.

Unfortunately, the place where most professionals try to create an email shortcut is one of the most damaging places to do so. In fact, this little shortcut is the WORST mistake you can make as an email marketer. So what should you never do?

Never buy an email list. Seriously, just say no.

A strong, opt-in email list is the foundation on which your entire email marketing strategy is based. You create your calls-to-action and offers based off of your email list demographics. In fact, your entire reputation as an email marketer depends upon the quality of your list; if you’re reported as a spammer too often by unhappy email recipients, you can be blocked from sending any emails at all from your chosen domain. The risks of buying a list will always outweigh any time or convenience saved.

So how do you build a healthy, useful email list? The steps might take a little time and effort, but they will reap a number of happy, eager email recipients for you – and help your website’s SEO and reputation to boot!

Draw Traffic to Your Site:

Weren’t expecting that? It should come as no surprise that if you want people to opt-in to hearing from you regularly, you first have to hook them online. A great, useful blog and a well-designed, informative website will bring in traffic – gear your articles to answering common prospect or customer questions, so that when users search for answers, your blog – and brand – will pop up. Now that the traffic is here on your site, you have to get them to commit.

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