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Social PPC: Separating Myth from Reality

Pay-per-click advertising on social networks has existed for several years, but has only recently started gaining traction. Social PPC is great, in that it allows advertisers to pinpoint audiences and target them directly on their platform of choice; it’s a great way to place your ads in front of your ideal customers. However, because social PPC is such a new concept to so many people, there are tons of myths and misconceptions surrounding the practice. Let us help you separate fact from fiction:


Myth: You Should Run 1-2 Promoted Updates at a Time per Platform

Reality: The More Promoted Updates You Have, the Better Engagement You Receive

Advertisers who are new to social PPC often are afraid of busting their budgets and triggering ad burnout by running multiple campaigns on any one platform, and are more comfortable with only running one or two ads.

While keeping the budget small is a good strategy for advertisers who want to acclimatize to social PPC, keeping the number of ads small as well isn’t the best plan. SEM professionals at gyro have found that 3-5 ads live at the same time greatly increased engagement, click-through rate, and lead volume levels.  Run your own tests while publishing your updates to find the optimal number for your brand.

Myth: You Have to Have an Organic Presence in the Social Channel to Use Their Ads Platform

Reality: Some Channels Require an Account, but None Require Activity

Twitter Ads require a Twitter account and handle, and LinkedIn Ads require a Company Page, but there is no rule that states you have to actively post and engage on the channel in order to use social PPC there. The joy of this tactic is how easy it is for advertisers to target audiences – age, location, job title, and interests are all valid criteria advertisers can use when setting an ad’s audience. The amount of company updates you have does not affect your ad targeting.

However, the types of ads you can run can be limited by a lack of activity on the social channel. Twitter promoted posts, Facebook promoted posts, and LinkedIn sponsored updates require account activity, as you are choosing to make a post an ad with these options. Yet there are still plenty of options for advertisers who do not have a robust social media presence, including Twitter promoted accounts, Facebook sidebar ads, and LinkedIn ads.

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