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Content Marketing: Repackage Your Content for Maximum Success

Content marketing is a fantastic demand generation and lead generation tool for businesses online, but it requires a lot of time and effort to execute it well. Smart content marketers know that in order to save themselves time and more effectively speak to an audience, they need to “recycle” some of their more evergreen, or timeless content.

However, many marketers don’t know the difference between “repackaging” and “duplicating”. Simply taking a blog post and publishing it in PDF format does not make it an ebook. It will take a little tweaking, but we’ll show you how to take one great blog post and repackage it into five different content types:


Repackaging one content piece in different formats allows you to get more mileage – and leads – out of a single content marketing piece.


An ebook is an in-depth exploration of a topic that uses both text and images to explain how to accomplish a goal related to the topic. Simply adding photos or images to your blog post won’t transform it into an ebook; however, if you design a worksheet or checklist that helps elaborate the process discussed in the blog, and then add some real-life examples to further flesh out the narrative and drive your point home, you’ve made a new, useful content marketing piece that complements your blog post, and that you can use as a lead generation tool.

Press Releases

Don’t consider a press release a content marketing tool? You should – it’s a great way to discuss a product, service, or company news, and delivers your company’s vital information to digital publishers. However, you just can’t copy your product page or blog post; that makes it a product pitch. Re-write the lead to place the value proposition first – that’s your journalistic hook. Next, add an influencer quote, provide a little context that explains why this product/service/news is relevant, and include contact information for follow-ups. Voila! Now you have a press release, which you can distribute to journalists and bloggers, and post on distribution sites to help your SEO.

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