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Beware: The 3 Challenges That Await Upon Topping Search Engine Results

So, you have achieved that coveted top spot on the search engine results page. You are feeling good about your business, and in this moment, you may believe that there is nothing that could bring you down. Now, I am not trying to rain on your parade, but rather give you that umbrella for when someone else tries to steal this achievement from you. The reality is that your work is far from over – granted, now you no longer have to worry about getting to the top of the search engine results page (SERP), but instead there are other challenges that await. Keep reading to learn about the three potential threats to your company’s search engine optimization (SEO).


1. Attacks

Some businesses will do whatever it takes in order to rise up in the search engine rankings, including using black hat tactics. This can involve hacking your page or giving it a virus, in which case you want to request a malware review from Google after you have removed the harmful code.

There is also a newer tactic that is on the rise – according to Alexander Kesler, inSegment President, competitors are posing as legitimate sites and sending emails to companies asking them to remove or no-follow backlinks to avoid being penalized for a link scheme. In reality, these links have been helping to boost your SEO, but if you are unable to identify this email scam you may lose that top spot SERP position for which you have worked so hard.

2. Copycats

Being #1 on a SERP is like being #1 in your class – everyone knows you are the best and will try to sit behind you in tests so they can copy your answers in order to help themselves get an A. You have achieved this top spot because your SEO strategy has worked, so now your competitors may begin to adopt your keywords and content in order to boost their own rankings. You may be thinking, “But is this even a real threat? I was the first to produce this content and already have the top spot – can someone really just copy me and take it all?” The answer is unfortunately yes. If a competitor creates identical content, Google will only display one result with this content and will ignore the rest.

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