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4 Ways to Bait Your Target Audience with Content Marketing

Whether or not fishing is your ‘thing’, we all generally have a good idea as to how it works – you bait the hook (unless you’re using worms, then you have someone else bait it for you), cast the line, and wait for a hungry fish to be lured in. Sometimes the fish don’t even notice your bait, sometimes they nibble and leave, sometimes you catch something you can’t keep, and sometimes you make that well-deserved, Kodak-moment catch.


Well, if you know how to catch that prized fish, you should also be able to catch those much-desired members of your target audience with your content marketing campaign. Just like how fishing strategy has changed from simply casting a net and collecting any fish in the area to using species-specific bait, the content marketing game has also evolved and become more targeted. You can no longer simply force your business’s information onto people and expect the cream-of-the-crop to respond. You need to understand your audience and entice them with what your business has to offer in order to reel them in – you need to properly ‘bait the hook’, if you will. Keep reading to find out the four different types of ‘bait’ you can use in order to attract your target audience.

Large/Meal Bait

It’s simple – you use big bait to catch the big fish. This type of content is very detailed and informative and is extremely appropriate for when you are targeting established members of the industry. These individuals are looking for a high-quality resource that is more involved and that will satisfy their question, or rather, appetite. Examples of this type of long-form content marketing include case studies, whitepapers, etc.

Live Bait

This bait is more..interactive. This type of content involves the viewers and is often easier to remember and more exciting for them to take in. The most common forms of this bait include infographics and videos, although it can also include events, seminars, etc. Use this form of content to attract people who are looking for a quick and easy way to absorb your information.

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