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You’ve Got Mail: 3 Tips for Improving Your Email Marketing Strategy


Email is the number one preference for daily use and consumer marketing communications. It’s an efficient and inexpensive means of mass communication, but in order for it to be effective, those emails have to be opened and read. Your potential readers (do NOT call them subscribers, too impersonal) have dozens of emails flooding their inboxes everyday that often end up being ignored and forgotten. What makes you think they’re going to have the time or energy to open and read what you have to say?  It may seem like a daunting task to distinguish your emails from the dozens people are receiving daily, but it is possible to make your email marketing campaign effective.

Here are 3 TIPS on how:

Subject Line: Promise Something Good. How often do you catch yourself writing an email and  filling in the subject line right before pressing send without giving it a second thought? This cannot be the case if a successful email campaign is your goal. All the audience sees while perusing their inbox are the subject lines. They can often be what compels them to either open the mail or press delete. First, think about your email recipients. Do they have a sense of humor and would they appreciate a delightful pun or a play on words? Or would they prefer a subject line that is more straightforward and formal? Regardless, no matter the audience, all spotlight-stealing subject lines should have strong power words that tug on the heartstrings and tantalize the senses. They should be used strategically with the goal of striking a nerve and moving the reader to feel strongly in some way. If not power words, use words that are bizarre or unusual which often have a way of sparking the reader’s interest or curiosity. Numbers are useful as well, for preventing the reader’s eye from wandering, such as “3 Tips for Maximizing Your Weekend.”

Send segmented content. If you want people to read your emails, nay, look forward to reading your emails, send them what they are interested in! For example, if your pet store sends out weekly emails, the dog owners won’t be interested in receiving an email on “10 Fun Facts About Cats.” If you segment the information based on your various audiences, you will build stronger, more personal connections with your readers. You will have enthusiastic readers that will get the information they need without having to sift through other content that is not applicable to their interests. These segmented recipients will not only be more likely to share these emails with like-minded friends, but email also encourages the more shy users to share content that they normally wouldn’t feel comfortable publicly ‘liking’ or ‘re-tweeting.’

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