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6 PPC Marketing Tips to Improve Your Business


A successful pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign can help generate leads and solidify a strong customer base for your business. However, the time commitment and tedious nature of creating a successful ad campaign can be very discouraging and overwhelming. At inSegment, we understand your woes and we’re here to help. A little while ago we posted on our blog about the basic steps towards starting a successful PPC campaign, and now we’re back to give you some more great tips to bolster your ad campaign and increase your ROI.

1. Think from the Customer’s Perspective

This one seems like a no brainer, but I would be remiss in not driving this point home. When a person searches on Google, they expect only results that are relevant to what they are searching for, so why should you give them any less with your ads? Keeping your ads relevant means choosing keywords that the customer is likely to use when searching for your product and communicating exactly and concisely what your business is and what you have to offer.

2. Offer an Attractive Deal

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad

When it comes to PPC marketing, you’re more likely to garner clicks if your ads do more than just communicate the fact that your product or service exists. You should give your customers a reason to click your link right then and there. For example, an ad that reads “50% off all red women’s shoes at Sally’s Shoe Store” is likely going to be more successful than an ad that simply states “Women’s shoes in many styles at Sally’s Shoe Store”. Odds are that if someone is searching for women’s shoes, they are already in the market to buy. Why not give them a reason to choose you over the competitors.

3. Choose a Content Rich, Compelling Landing Page

The homepage of your site and the landing page of your ad shouldn’t be one in the same. The quality of your landing page is an extremely important factor in the calculation of your ad ranking. If you want your ad to appear high up on the results, then your landing page should be rich with content related to your keywords, products and services. In addition, you’ll want to choose a landing page that immediately offers a chance for customer conversion. For example, if your ad offers 50% off on red shoes, then your landing page should be the selection of discounted red shoes. This makes your landing page both more relevant and more likely to result in a customer conversion.

4. Localize Your Campaign   

Pay-Per-Click localized advertisement

Let’s say you own a bakery in Boston that sells specialty cupcakes. If cupcake enthusiasts from outside the Boston Area are clicking on your ads, then you would be wasting money because those people are unlikely to physically come into your store. Luckily, AdWords allows you to localize your campaign based on IP addresses and keywords such that only people near your location will see your ads. 

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