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5 Lessons in Digital Storytelling from Leading B2B Companies

The Content Marketing Institute recently reported that 80 percent of business decision-makers prefer to get information about a company in a series of articles versus in an advertisement. With this in mind, today’s successful marketers know that the days of traditional outbound marketing are numbered, and that it’s vital to adopt more colorful, inbound strategies instead.

However, it can be difficult to choose an effective digital media marketing strategy. One inbound strategy that has proven successful is digital storytelling, or the abandonment of said outbound marketing techniques (cold calls, email blasts, and print advertisements, for example) in favor of a narrative-based, and often multimedia, approach. Digital storytellers don’t try to sell a brand—instead, they entice an audience by informing them and appealing to their emotions rather than rationale. And in a world where 40 percent of millennials are skeptical about advertising, this less aggressive method seems logical.

While digital storytelling has become widespread in the B2C sphere, it seems that many B2B marketers still don’t know how to make digital stories out of the brands they represent.  However, the advantages of digital storytelling are just as relevant to B2B marketers—after all, behind each business lie real people, and even the most rational of businesspeople allows emotions to play into his decision making.

Of course, B2B marketing does differ from B2C. Because they are sales-focused, businesses are more interested in facts, statistics, and other quantitative data. But it’s still possible to convey the right facts while remaining entertaining and personal—which these five leading B2B companies prove. Add some of their digital storytelling tools to your arsenal of B2B marketing strategies to enhance your brand’s personality.

Recognize that Social Media Marketing Works for B2B Too

Example: GE

Screenshot (2)

Out of all the B2B companies using social media, digital industry mogul General Electric (GE) certainly stands out. The company’s Instagram account, which boasts over 229,000 followers, posts gorgeous professional photography at an impressive rate (a new post every 3-4 days or so). From an artsy up-shot of a wind turbine to a wide angle view of their aptly-nicknamed “Death Star-like turbulence control structure,” GE’s Instagram isn’t what you’d expect from an industrial company. The company makes itself more approachable by focusing on photos of interesting products and providing only snippets of informative information in their captions. They also often post photos of their engineers, putting tangible faces and personalities at the forefront of their brand.

Most importantly, GE’s Instagram account doesn’t include any technical lingo or industry jargon in the way that a conventional whitepaper or eBook might. All companies that use social media should aim for entertainment and simplicity like GE does—it makes the brand more enticing to a much broader audience.

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