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4 Misconceptions About B2B Social Media (And Their Harsh Realities)

Ah yes, social media: a world where writing on walls and poking strangers is widely accepted by the online population. But of course, teenagers aren’t the only ones committed to a serious relationship with social media—your potential customers are, too.

There are several advantages of social media for B2B companies. For example, social networking gives organizations the opportunity to increase their exposure and gain marketplace insight. Not only that, but it’s also a way for businesses to drive traffic to their respective pages.

However, while some companies believe they are reaping the benefits of social media, they’re actually falling short of creating successful campaigns due to common misunderstandings. Here are four such misconceptions about B2B social media, and how to make sure you’re not one of the brands that fails to get social effectively.

1.  Social Media Is Enough to Build My Business

Let’s set the scene. You just launched your small business, and are looking to build your presence by using the most popular social media sites as leverage. You find that sites like Twitter generate high engagement among prospects and influencers.

But, while the idea of generating leads through Twitter seemed promising at first, a quick look at Twitter Analytics shows that you haven’t quite obtained the number of retweets and shares you’d hoped for.

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