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Is a Mobile App Right for Your B2B Business?

On average, a smartphone user spends four to five hours each day on mobile.

Like it or not, mobile is completely revolutionizing marketing and brand strategy. So, it’s time to make your business mobile-friendly, or risk falling behind your more technologically-savvy competitors. And one of the most popular B2B mobile trends is app development, or the creation of mobile apps to enhance your brand’s presence in the mobile sphere.

However, there are plenty of B2B businesses that have poured time and resources into app development, only to have their apps flop. So, what is it that sets the successful apps apart? Read on to learn the benefits of mobile marketing, assess some mobile marketing examples, and discover how to make sure your app succeeds.

Advantages of Mobile

It’s hard to deny the many benefits of mobile for business. In fact, those who have implemented enterprise mobility have witnessed 25 percent improvement in overall user experience and 24 percent increase in revenue from consumer facing mobile apps. Mobile can help you differentiate your brand from competitors who might not be as technologically advanced–and customize for clients like never before.


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This entry was posted on July 25, 2016 by in App Development.
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