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Who We Are

inSegment is a full-service internet marketing company focused on architecting and implementing custom, hands-on campaigns that are focused on customer conversion and ROI.

What do we do online?

Everything necessary to get you customers. And you shouldn’t expect less.

Here Is Why

Successful online marketing always requires a custom, integrated plan. A plan conceived in the personalized context of each company’s set of business facts. A plan that incorporates all pertinent marketing tools and efforts.

We pride ourselves in knowing our clients’ business inside and out. With this underlying knowledge in hand — knowledge of business, knowledge of market segments, knowledge of goals — we are able to design a comprehensive go-to-Web “plan of attack”, comprised of all relevant online marketing initiatives, together with clearly-defined benchmarks against which to measure and improve performance.

The result is a truly integrated, properly balanced, hands-on program that integrates all necessary digital marketing components, including:

For more information, questions or a quote please get in touch with us by email at or by phone at (617) 965-0800.


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